19 July Special event: Quarter horse demonstration

This event is to all people interested in horses, polo players, horse riders and new polo students. Are you interested in learning more about training horses and open to discover new techniques from other riding disciplines?

On July 19th a free Demonstration of reining course from the Quarter horses. This initiative come together with All Ireland Polo Club and The Quarter Horses Association.

A free Demonstration of a reining course from the Quarter Horse Society in cooperation with the All Ireland Polo Club.

Time: 6:30 pm

The All Ireland Polo Club in the Phoenix Park, Dublin. We will use the club house (Pavilion) and it will be open to buy drinks and snacks.

What does the demonstration entail:
One of the best professional Western Horse Trainers in Ireland (Bob Reader) and the amateur (Susane helhe) will come up to the
Phoenix Park Polo Grounds in Dublin to show some work in hand maneuvering and showing off the horses ability.

The goal:
To inform people about other styles and disciplines and learn from experts in Western Riding. In cooperation we seek new sources and alternatives to find suitable horses for Polo.

“You never stop learning, every horses teachs you something diferent, and until you are there with him riding him and conecting with him, it is a whole world to discover” Polito Hulloa (The best Polo Horse Braker).